This page will contain a good collection of algorithmic puzzles asked during coding Interview - Puzzle that involves clearly defined procedure for solving problems.

Solving puzzles is the most productive and enjoyable way to develop algorithmic thinking skills . There are three categories of learners who should be interested in these puzzles :

  1. Student / Professionals preparing for coding interview
  2. Student / Professionals interested in developing algorithmic thinking
  3. Puzzle lovers

Every algorithmic puzzle has an input where an input defines as an instance of a puzzle. The instance can be :

  • Specific Instance (e.g, find false coin among 8 coins with a balance)
  • General Instance (e.g, find false coin among n coins with a balance)
We recommend learners to solve both specific and general instances of the puzzle because this could help to understand several algorithm design strategies like Divide & Conquer, Greedy Approach, Backtracking, etc.