Reverse a Linked List from position m to n-Interview Problem

Difficulty: Medium
Asked in: Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft

Understanding the problem

Problem Description: Given a head pointer of a Linked List and two positions say m and n, you have to reverse the given Linked List only from position m to position n. Then, return the head of the m to n reversed Linked List.

For Example:

Input: 15->20->25->30->35->NULL, m = 2 and n = 4
Output: 15->30->25->20->35->NULL
Input: 20->40->60->70->NULL, m = 2 and n = 3
Output: 20->60->40->70->NULL

Possible follow-up questions to ask: →

  • Is the value of m and n always different? (Ans: No, it can be same too)

Node Structure of the Linked List:

class ListNode
  int data
  ListNode next


Solution idea

Since we have to reverse a part of the given linked list obviously we need the concept of reversing the linked list. We need to find the mth node and pass it to the reverse function (which will reverse the given part). But, before passing the mth node we need to traverse to the nth node and cut its link with (n+1)th node if present.

Also we have to save the the (m-1) node and also (n+1)th node address so that we can link the reversed part of the linked list again with the original linked list.

Solution steps

We will use following four variable:

1. revPrev → for storing the previous node, i.e. (m-1)th node.

2. revStart → for storing the starting(mth) node of reversal.

3. revEnd → for storing the ending node(nth) of reversal.

4. revNext → for storing the next node, i.e. (n+1)th node.

Now, we will pass revStart to the reverse function and then will attach the reversed part with revStart and revEnd to get the reversed linked list.

ListNode reverse(ListNode head)
        if(head == NULL || == NULL)
            return head
        ListNode restPart = reverse( = head = NULL
        return restPart
    ListNode reverseFromMToN(ListNode head, int m, int n) 
        if(m == n)
          return head
        int count = 1
        ListNode curr = head
        ListNode revPrev = NULL
        while(count < m)
            revPrev = curr
            curr =
            count = count + 1
        ListNode revStart = curr
        while(count < n)
            curr =
            count = count + 1
        ListNode revEnd = curr
        ListNode revNext = = NULL
        ListNode revPart = reverse(revStart)
   = revNext
   = revPart
       = revNext
            head = revPart
    return head
Complexity Analysis
  • Time Complexity: O(L), where L is the length of the linked list.
  • Space Complexity: O(1)
Critical ideas to think
  • Can you implement the reverse function using iteration?
  • Can you think of reversing a linked list using a stack?
  • Can we reverse a linked list in less than O(n) time? What if it is a doubly linked list?

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