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Program Introduction.

A two month guided Training program with an objective to boost your problem solving skill which will well-position you to face technical interviews and speak fluently about algorithms.

Big tech companies always probe good algorithmic thinking during interview. This program can be your first step towards a new career.

  • 1. Learn to design efficient and correct algorithms.

  • 2. Learn data structures and its various use cases.

  • 3. Start immediately or choose your start date.

  • 4. Dedicated 24 X 7 mentorship support for 10 weeks.

  • 5. Life-time video content access.


Interview Focused Training

We are solving the biggest problem of the software industry where only 5% developers are considered fit for software development jobs. We do this by training them in strong fundamentals and prepare them to pass the toughest interviews.

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Flexible and Guided Online Learning Program

This is the first online training program model where we learn by doing under the guidance of best in the field professional developers.

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Become Eligible For Top Paying Software jobs

You learn to develop problem solving approach by breaking the problem into parts and then solve those parts. We provide interview focused sessions.

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Online Course Syllabus

In this online course, you’ll learn fundamental and advanced algorithms & data-structures. By the end of the online course, you will have the skills you need to solve interview problems for the top tech companies with confidence.

Top Skills


Online Course Process

In this online course, you’ll learn through the videos with pseudocode explanation.

Stage 01


Stage 02


Stage 03


Road Map

The learning path of the training process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a completely online course. It will be a guided learning with recorded lectures and study materials.
Basic Knowledge of at least one programming language is required.
This program combines the theory of algorithms with many programming challenges. In contrast with many Algorithms courses, We discuss the ideas of problem-solving and design solution to over 150 algorithmic problems asked during the interview.
The course is of 10 weeks in duration. Daily 2-3 hours time of the student is required.
Your training will start from the day you join the program or you can choose your own date. It will be of 10 weeks duration from the day you start.
The concepts taught in this course will be inpedendent from any specific programming language.
You can post your query and it will be resolved that day. You will also be provided with one to one doubt clearing sessions when required.
The module content in this program will be self-contained. Most lectures will be based on the bestselling textbook "Algorithms" co-authored by CLRS.
Yes, the program requires 2-3 hours on weekdays and is up to the student to decide the time. The recorded lectures will be about 1 hr each and provided on Sat and Sun.
Yes, industry-recognized AfterAcademy training certificate will be provided at the end of the course.
You will be able to apply the right algorithms and data structures in your day-to-day work and able to solve algorithmic problems like those used in the technical interviews at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, etc.
This course is designed for anyone with basic programming knowledge.
Yes. This course covers the 360 degree conceptual and problem-solving knowledge to crack the interview. We will design and develop solutions to 150 famous Algorithmic questions asked by big tech companies during the interview.
This course will prepare you with the right skills and knowledge to crack interviews and work effectively in a team. You will be prepared to become a part of the top 5 percent smart programmers.
Yes, we will refer the bright students of the program to the top companies.
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