There are 20 red balls and 16 blue balls in a bag. Any 2 balls are removed at each step and are replaced with a new ball on the basis of the following conditions:

  1. If they are of the same color, then they are replaced by a red ball.
  2. If they are of different colors, then they are replaced with a blue ball.


  • Assume you have a big supply of blue & red balls for this purpose).
  • When you take the two balls out, you don’t put them back in, so the number of balls in the bag keeps decreasing.

What will be the color of the last ball left in the bag?

Option 1 : Red
Option 2 : Blue
Option 3 : Indeterministic

Whichever option is correct, just submit the integer value. For example: 
if option 1 is correct then submit '1'  
if option 2 is correct then submit '2'