There are 5 pirates, they must decide how to distribute 100 gold coins among them. The pirates have seniority levels, the senior-most is A, then B, then C, then D, and finally the junior-most is E. Rules of distribution are:

  1. The most senior pirate proposes a distribution of coins.
  2. All pirates vote on whether to accept the distribution.
  3. If the distribution is accepted, the coins are disbursed and the game ends.
  4. If not, the proposer is thrown and dies, and the next most senior pirate makes a new proposal to begin the system again.
  5. In case of a tie, vote the proposer can have the casting vote

Rules every pirate follows :

  1. Every pirate wants to survive
  2. Given survival, each pirate wants to maximize the number of gold coins he receives.

What is the maximum number of coins that pirate A might get?

The Answer is an integer. Just put the number without any decimal places.