What can be done to fix signal attenuation problems?

While doing any call like WhatsApp call you might have encountered the connection error like a weak signal or poor signal. Why does the signal get distorted? What can be done to fix the signal attenuation problem? In this blog, we will try to find the answer to this problem. So, let's get started.

What is Attenuation?

In terms of your Internet connection, attenuation means a reduction or loss in the strength of a signal. It is a natural process that happens when we transmit the signal over distances. It is measured in decibels (dB) per unit distance.

Lower the attenuation per unit distance higher is the efficiency of the cable.

If the rate of attenuation increases then the mail which we are sending or a WhatsApp call or a normal call we are making to our friend becomes more distorted.

What causes Attenuation?

  1. Noise: The noises like radio frequencies, electricity, etc may interfere with the signal and weaken the signal strength and cause attenuation. Higher the interference with noise higher is the attenuation you experience.
  2. Travel Distance: If the signal has to travel over a longer distance then the signal strength decreases with the distance.
  3. Physical Surrounding: Factors like temperature, improper installation of the cable may decrease the signal strength and cause attenuation.
  4. Wire Size: Wires having more diameter suffer less attenuation than the wires having less diameter. The fibre optics cable has a lower attenuation rate than the copper cable . Fiber optics cable carries the light over long distances with low attenuation and distortion of the signal. On contrary the copper wires there is significant attenuation and distortion of the signal. The copper wires are made up of electrical frequencies which are very much prone to noise.

What can be done?

  1. The most common way of dealing with this problem is to use repeaters (a device used to regenerate or replicate a signal)and hubs that will boost the signal strength ad hence prevent attenuation of the signals. This will also increase the maximum range that the signal can travel.
  2. The connection should be checked if the installation of cables is done properly or not.
  3. The strength of the signal can be also be increased by amplification of the signal. The repeaters regenerate the original signal if the received signal is weak but in amplification, only the amplitude or strength of the signal is increased if the received signal is weak.

So, in this blog, we learned how we can fix the signal attenuation problem. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

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