How to become Developer Student Clubs Leads?

Developer Student Clubs a.k.a. DSCs are university-based community groups that bring together students of a university to learn new technologies, develop projects for the betterment of society with the help of Google Developer technologies.

DSC was launched in 2017 as a pilot in India to help university students all across the country in getting employment by providing resources, opportunities, and experience necessary to be university ready. Now, DSCs are around the world i.e. from Asia to Africa; Europe, parts of the Middle East and North America- DSCs are training thousands of student developers and working with their communities to solve real-life problems

Developer Student Clubs bridge the gap between theory and practical application for student developers.

So, in order to run a DSC community on your campus, you need to become a DSC lead of your campus.

Role of a DSC lead

As a DSC lead, you are supposed to lead your community by helping each and every student of your club either by directly helping them or you can connect the students with someone who can solve their doubts.

There are various responsibilities of a DSC lead:

  • Set up a Club or Grow your community: When you become a DSC lead, there are two cases, either your campus is already having a DSC or you need to set up the DSC at your campus. So, by taking permissions from the college authorities you need to set up a club at your campus(or continue the existing club) and then build a core team that will be helping you during the events that you will organize.
  • Lead DSC events: Throughout the year, you will conducting a lot of activities at your campus such as regular sessions on some topic, cloud study jams, hackathons, codelabs, speaker sessions, etc. So, you need to lead these events and don't worry you will get resources for all of these events.
  • Build projects: As a DSC lead, you along with your community members can build a project that will help some local organization or local business to scale up.

Benefits of becoming a DSC lead

You will have a wonderful experience as a DSC lead because you will know:

  • How to lead a community: This will help you in developing leadership quality in you and this will help in your interview also because interviewers look for these qualities.
  • Network growth: You will connect with all the DSC leads of your country as well as around the world. So, this will help you in growing your network and learn different things from the leads of a different mindset.
  • Learn new technologies: As a part of DSC, you will come across various training of different technologies by the experts of Google. So, it is going to be a journey of learning.
  • Attend DSC summit: And obviously, you will get a chance to attend the 3-day DSC summit where leads from the country come together to learn how to manage community and will also participate in various tech talks. See the DSC India annual summit video from here .

So, now you are done with the responsibilities and benefits part of the DSC lead. Let's look at how and where to apply for DSC lead.

Apply for DSC lead

When you are ready to serve the community, then you can apply for the DSC lead.

Some of the prerequisites of becoming DSC leads are:

  • Have a minimum of two years left until graduation
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate program at a college or university
  • Can commit to program for one year
  • Passionate about creating impact in community
  • Strong technical understanding of computer programming and/or software engineering
  • Have experience with event planning or leading a team
  • Have some connection to the local developer community
  • Host a meetup event ideally once a month, and at least every 3 months

When you are done with the prerequisite part, then you can apply for the DSC lead by:

  • See if there’s a current Developer Student Club on your campus or near you. Reach out and learn about their experience.
  • Read the Community Organizer Code of Conduct .
  • When the DSC Lead interest form is live, fill the form here .
  • Your application will be reviewed and the team will get back to you as soon as possible via email.
  • If your application form is selected, then you will go through some telephonic or video conferencing interview where they will ask you some questions based on your technical skills, they will ask you how to grow a community, how to organize events, etc.
  • If you manage to clear the interview round, then you will receive a welcome mail from DSC team and a full year having lots and lots of wonderful experience is waiting for you.
Note: Always look for the learning part of the community and not for the schwag or other items that you will be receiving for the events. Learning is the most important thing that will help you in grwoing your community.


All the above information are taken from the Google Developers website.

You can learn more about DSC clubs from here .

Find a DSC campus near you from here .

Apply for DSC lead from here .

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